Introduction To The HAARP Conspiracy


By CammoDude 09-20-99 - Reformatted by Kidd 11/2000


How did HAARP come to be?

HAARP is a project funded by the US Senate and opperated by the US Navy & AirForce. HAARP or "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program", was supposedly started to communicate with submarines deep in the ocean using ELF radio waves which can penetrate the ocean as well as the earths surface.

In 1983 Ronald Regan ordered the scientific community to began research apon world peace by creation of technology that would make all future nuclear war impossible. The "Star Wars" age of weapons technology was started. Over 100 projects were funded, many died in construction, while quite a few are still operating today, some completed.

Where and what is HAARP?

HAARP is a bed of 48 - 72 foot tall antennas. These antennas which lie in Gakona Alaska in the Copper River valley are on land owned by the DOD or (Department of Defense) and are located about 260 miles Northeast of Anchorage Alaska. The entrance to HAARP is at mile marker 11.3 from Route 1's junction with Route 4. Only partially finished the entire array will consist of 180 antennas and will be more power full than all other antenna array for ionosphere heating ever built. Ionosphere heaters simply use radio waves to heat a portion of the ionosphere which surrounds the earth, many already exist, but this is the largest ever. The government explains Ionospheric heaters simply as a small scale stimulation of natural solar heating of our atmosphere. The antenna array is under control by the U.S. Laboratory located at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, (ONR & NRL) National Research Laboratory, Office Of Navel Research. Haarp covers 58 acres, of which 22 were wetlands. Wetland of course is useless for building so the government filled this area in with gravel in order to create a level ground for the project. Of course it only makes sense to spend millions in tax payers dollars to build something on unsable ground.

Technical Aspects Of Current Prototype In 1995
Antennas 48 of 180.
Proposed 15 columns 12 rows of antennas.
X shaped antennas (dipoles)
Antennas opperate at 2.8-7Mhz or 7Mhz-10Mhz
Screen Under antennas catch radio waves and redirect them upward in order to intensify the power of the radio waves.
30 Shelters each holding 12 desiel transmitters Each rated at 10,000 RF watts totalling 3.6 Million watts of power

What does all this mean?

With the power HAARP has it can focus all its radio wave sinto a single beam in the sky, which effectively exceeds its 3.6 Million watt power status. Still to get a better idea, its 72,000 times more powerfull than the U.S's most powerfull radio station. With this much power the possibilites for use are endless, of course activists ,conspiricists, and enviromentalists all have thier own ideas for applications of this weapon / utility, both good and bad.


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